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A Vindication of Bobby Fischer

by Sharon Mooney

It is because of Bobby Fischer that Chess players today enjoy all the perks including a huge pay check, international recognition, special treatment and many basic amenities that were devoid in the Chess circle for so long. We should be eternally grateful for his contribution and as far as possible accept his shortcomings off and on the board. This may be our best reciprocation towards the legend of the game.
Not forgetting that he alone put USA on the Chess map of the world at the time when the Soviets dominated the sport. He brought USA the image as an intellectual nation at the most trying time in the 20th century.
When you look at any sports its popularity is augmented not by the game itself but by people who play that sport. As Micheal Jordan is to Basketball or Muhammad Ali to Boxing; Bobby Fischer alone deserves the spotlight when it comes to Chess. This, I believe will be supported by any Chess player who has at least some knowledge on the history of Chess.

—Gangte Minthang

After encouragement some months ago by a Chess Grandmaster to make the page shorter, and easier to navigate I have reduced the size of the home page by simply changing over to the mobile version and start again. The long version still remains on the web. (Blog version) and (On site). I have added a lot of information but it is becoming scattered and I need to condense it all in a more comprehensive manner. I also post notes at “Bobby Fischer True Story”, “Bobby Fischer Lies Debunked” and on Twitter: “Bobby Fischer True Story”

I started this site months ago, after realizing the full magnitude of the parallels between my life and that of my church brother, Bobby Fischer.

I have seen the way the media has vilified and slandered Bobby Fischer without regard to fact, proper research, or truth. Like Bobby, I was born with Asperger's, on the Autism Spectrum so I am acutely aware (thanks to professional counseling to gain and adapt coping skills) of the difficulties with social cognition deficits. A primary example of this communication barrier is demonstrated in this unfortunate event that occurred during Bobby's life:

Some think Bobby was difficult to understand. Not so. He was like anyone else, just Asperger's, on the Autism Spectrum which creates deficits with communication… and what Ralph Ginzburg did to him in the 1962 Harper's Magazine, was “unspeakable”. That's A LOT of emotional injury to process and verbalize. Barry Goldwater, not on the spectrum, took the words right out of Bobby Fischer's mouth:

Excerpt from “Endgame”, Frank Brady, pg 138-139 and Barry M. Goldwater v. Ralph Ginzburg, Warren Boroson, and Factmagazine, Inc., 414 F.2d 324, 2d Cir. (1969), Scribd Government Docs

APA Standards

Brady referred to Ginzburg's article, rightfully, as “a cruel piece of journalism, a penned mugging, in that it made a vulnerable teenager appear uneducated, homophobic and misogynistic, none of which was a true portrait.

Bobby Fischer was an Asperger teenager, who's mind operated on one frequency, “Chess… Chess… Chess…” and was clearly mislead about the nature and intent of Ginzburg's “interview”, to be used to open a “Can of Sexually-Charged Revolutionary Worms” at the expense of the unpresuming socially inexperienced teen age Bobby Fischer. Anyone who thinks this is normal, or fails to see what is unethical about it, needs to stay away from children and seek psychiatric help.

Dick Cavett: “Is it hard to find a girl who can discuss Capablanca and how he handled the Sicilian Defense against Alekhine or… did I pronounce any of those names right?”

Bobby: “Yeah this is a problem.” *laughter*

Guest: “Do you think chess is a sexist game?”

Bobby: “uh, I don't think it is at all. I'd welcome some girls in chess.”

Guest: “Have any tried to enter the competition?”

Bobby: “Well, there was Lisa Lane. By the way, I think you said she was dead? She's around.”

Dick Cavett: “Oh, I'm… I certainly apologize to her… I thought she was back in the 19th century for some reason.”

Bobby: “No. She's alive.”

Dick Cavett: “I'm sure that was news to her then.”

Guest: “What can they enter the competition?”

Bobby Fischer: “Yeah, there was one very famous one, Vera Menchik from Hungary and the best one now is Nona Gaprindashvili of the Soviet Union and she is a very good player and she, uh, plays with men now… she plays tournaments with men.”

Dick Cavett: “and there's no discrimination against her?…”

Bobby Fischer: “No chess is wide open. We don't have amateurs, we don't have discrimination with women, anybody but kids, everybody is welcome… old people…”

Source: Bobby Fischer, Dick Cavett Show, 1972

But Chess reporters want to source that perverse material concocted by Ralph Ginzburg (which even Bobby Fischer himself denied most of it being a remotely accurate portrayal of his statements or his life) — as if it were “legitimate”? Brady notes Ginzburg deliberately destroyed the documentation (tapes and research material that supposedly supported his vicious report about Bobby) – which is highly unorthodox, unusual, questionable… in ethical journalism.

Of course, facts won't prevent chess establishment reporters from exagerrating Bobby's early views, or selective omission of known pro-Women's statements from 1972. They will skip right over it! Pretend Bobby was a hater of women in 1972… 1982… all the way into the 1990's and beyond if they can get away with fooling the people.

Bobby Fischer spent his life fighting for better conditions for chess players … so, why would he single out this or that group of people, especially, his mother's ancestors? It wouldn't make any sense at all… because, it wasn't like that, at all… unless he genuinely believed said group of people were doing something to harm others. The chess establishment press has no intention of telling the truth about Bobby Fischer's life, but has certainly made an industrious effort to distort his history for their political agenda of race-baiting, gender-baiting and political biases. I don't play their game, and intend to search the truth, for my church brother & the people who love Bobby Fischer.

Bobby Fischer spent 1962-1974 actively attending and tithing to the Worldwide Church of God cult (he sadly remained in residence after 1972 among the Armstrong cult based in Pasadena, California, unwilling to break from what had became a sort of surrogate “cult family”).

An article from 1978, in the New York Times. This was the result of a fallout after Bobby spoke with the Ambassador Report “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”. As the NY Times notes, Bobby asked the Ambassador Report not to publish comments. They did it anyway. The person, Holly Ruiz, who accuses Bobby of “assault” sounds absurd. As the New York Times states, the charges of assault were dismissed. I was left to question, what would be the chances of “Bobby Fischer entering my home, and forcing me to sign anything? Would I not be going for a baseball bat, instead of an ink pen?”.

The charges of assault were dismissed, but the court ruled in favor of financial restitution to Ruiz. The quirky twist in this story, is that Holly Ruiz herself was very good friends with both Ted and Herbert Armstrong, whom, according to herself a divorcee, shared many conversations with the two Armstrongs, about their most intimate sexual proclivities and further, admits she, Holly Ruiz sought financial benefits from Ted Armstrong. I do not find her to be credible, not in the least.
Very sad and regrettable scenerio: Back in 1977, after the cult damage sank in on Bobby, he approached the Ambassador Report, in an attempt to “protect people.” and sharing his disillusionment about the cult and Armstrong's manipulation.

I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally.
—Bobby Fischer on the WCG, 1977
“Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”, 1977 “Ambassador Report” magazine

When the publication came out, Armstrong was incensed and wanted to put a stop to it! Bobby being a typical person with Asperger Syndrome; impressionable was easily baited and manipulated. The Armstrongs pulled Bobby's puppet strings to initiate a lawsuit against the publication. In the beginning of this fiasco, the Armstrong's Church-hired lawyer was backing Bobby Fischer in the legal action. There was a lot of talk about Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God suing the dissidents for the publication… although Bobby Fischer was the only name, the only celebrity of any consequence in the Ambassador Report Magazine's scathing assault on the cult and Herbert.

How strange those “twists and turns” can get around the Sociopath Herbert W. Armstrong. Bobby was accused by Holly Ruiz of entering her apartment and “assaulting” her. This accusation ruined Bobby's reputation. Now, instead of “Bobby, protector of cult victims” he was turned into “Bobby, woman beater”. After this turn of events, where Bobby Fischer is in the media spotlight perceived as a “woman beater” (reshifting the negative spotlight away from Armstrong's cronyism on to Bobby as the scapegoat), Armstrong withdraws his lawyer and doesn't have to lift a finger further. The entire Ambassador Report magazine, including Bobby Fischer, were discredited in a fell swoop.

Back in 1978, Bobby got double crossed by both Armstrong's administration, and the dissidents. I hope Holly Ruiz enjoyed her Judas moment with her 30 pieces of silver.

It is unfortunate that Bobby Fischer didn't take heed to his own insight into Armstrong, from 1977:

“…People have committed suicide under the tremendous barrage of Armstrongism's subtly induced feelings of self-hate and hopelessness for this life

This Armstrong — I was thinking if you had to think of one word to describe this guy, if you could only use one word, I would use ‘dangerous.’

—Bobby Fischer, “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”, 1977 “Ambassador Report” magazine

It was a devastating blow. In the wake of Herbert Armstrong's revenge, Bobby Fischer found his reputation (as a man) was effortlessly and ruthlessly smashed. The following year (1979), Bobby Fischer was found writing his notorious letter to Pal Benko filled with vitriol toward a suspected “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy”, feelings of being persecuted and conspiracies surrounding Judaism. Strangely, both Herbert W. Armstrong went on to crow his delight that he had rid the cult of bad apples, and the dissidents likewise, declared their own sordid victory… – the only “loser” in their fray, was Bobby Fischer, who somehow, under very strange, questionable circumstances, simply, quietly “disappeared” from any further or significant mention by either Armstrong or the dissidents.

Holly Ruiz knew the Armstrong's very well. She took money from at least Ted. Armstrong was gearing up for a lawsuit initially to sue the student group. Somebody had to be destroyed. Bobby was their sacrificial lamb. I have no love for either the cult, or many of the dissidents whom till this day, willfully mislead people… some of the ex-cult members have joined the media circus claiming Armstrong was “Pro Nationalist” and imply Bobby got his anti-semitic views from Armstrong's doctrines which of course is a patent lie, and I've provided ample evidence to establish that fact. Perhaps some joined the circus because they were

  1. simply ignorant of the actual doctrines of Armstrong,
  2. were too young to remember Herbert W. Armstrong from the 1970's,
  3. repeating hearsay, and never actually read Armstrong's publications
  4. perhaps selling out to media, to make a name for their own publications
  5. or, any one of many reasons.

However, legitimate scholars know better. The Worldwide Church of God was not affiliated with any “Pro Nationalist” “Antisemitic” “Racist” political movements.

Christian Research Institute: The “Identity Movement”

“…Today, with few exceptions (the Worldwide Church of God being one), most adherents of Anglo-Israelism are in the Identity movement.

Most adherents in Armstrongism, (the members, which Armstrong referred to in front of those who knew him as “dumb sheep”) the little people who faithfully send the tithes, pardon me, but they are just too infernal blissfully ignorant about politics and social issues to actually understand something as trivial, such as “What's the definition of Identity Movement?” for, if anyone makes the effort to research it, they learn Viola Larson of the Christian Research Institute, was stating, (translating English to plainer English)

Today, with few exceptions, the Worldwide Church of God, [also known as “Armstrongism”] being one of those exceptions, [… not a part of … not affiliated with … not in alliance with …] being one such exception… [they should get a dictionary and research the definition for the word “exception”] … an exception, while most other adherents, [i.e., the Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood, et cetera,] are part of the “Identity Movement” [which is a network of racist political organizations that base their political racist ideology on anti-Jewish interpretations of, loosely at best, the Bible.]”

The Worldwide Church of God was not part of the racist, “Pro-Nationalist Identity Movement”.

Media sources who claim it was, are lying, 1) either out of ignorance, or, 2) purposely, as an attack on Armstrong and will do that same thing to any random religion.

They are conflating “British Israelism” of racist political “Identity” movement groups (a different interpretation altogether) that DENY Jesus was a Jew, or born of the tribe of Judah … with Armstrong's plagiarism of the British Israelism concept from Edward Hine in 1870, where Armstrong warmly embraced Judaism and was a great supporter of the modern state of Israel, and mandated worship of Jewish customs as part of the church religious rituals. (i.e., keeping the Saturday sabbath, holy feasts, meat laws, and other orthodox Judaism doctrines.)

From “United States and Britain in Prophecy” by Herbert W. Armstrong

Above all, never did Herbert W. Armstrong deny modern Jews, their identity or their inheritance under the patriarch Abraham. Jews were regarded with great reverence. So much so, as God's chosen, Armstrong taught us we would face the same persecution the Jews did, as when Hitler was in power. The Nazis would “rise again” according to Revelation. That terror caused many to open their wallets, and dig deeply. Bobby Fischer reported giving all his money to Armstrong's cult by 1972. He was terrified of these prophecies and confessed he believed them,

“But I was really upset in 1972 when Herbert Armstrong refused to apologize. He could have just apologized and said, ‘I became overly enthusiastic. I wanted Christ to return so badly. Everything seemed to fit. Please excuse me. I won't do that again.’
I thought, ‘This doesn't seem right. I gave all my money. Everybody has been telling me this [1972 would be the date the WCG would flee to a place of safety] for years. And now, he's half-denying he ever said it when I remember him saying it a hundred times. And then on top of it, he won't even apologize for saying it.’ When you put it all together, it's hard to accept his sincerity. That's the problem.”
—Bobby Fischer, 1977

Herb never denied Jesus was born of the tribe of Judah. (See above excerpt from Viola Larson, from Christian Research Institute.) From Herb's own pen:

“…Now Jesus was born of the tribe of Judah.…”

In other words, Bobby was not taught antisemitism in the Worldwide Church of God cult. He lived in terror that he was going to suffer the fate the Jews suffered under Adolf Hitler's tyranny. It was a terrifying experience, with all the hyper-emphasis on we, myself, Bobby and the cult members being brainwashed to believe we were “modern Hebrews” (U.S. and Britain, of the tribes Manasseh and Ephraim, merely like “cousins of the tribe of Judah”), and that the Bible prophesies of an imminent invasion of Nazis, commanded by the Pope himself as Antichrist… I do not understand why some embellish this simple truth, with exaggerations or misrepresentation of the doctrines. Children and vulnerable adults grew up under terror. It was bad enough without making up lies, to embellish for dissident attacks on Armstrongism. Those who falsely allege the victims of Armstrong's cult were being “antisemitic” when they were forced through brainwashing to give money out of terror they'd be sent to a gas chamber, it is a re-victimization of Armstrong's cult victims.

Bobby was highly intelligent. This is a well known fact from his school years. He was so effectively deceived by Armstrong, just as my parents were, because Herbert W. Armstrong employed a highly detailed approach in Biblical scholarship that convinced readers Armstrong possessed a special edge, scholarship, which appealed to persons who were seeking more than average Biblical understanding. Accutely similar to Judaism in its regulations and rituals, I often regarded Armstrongism as a form of “pseudo-Judaism”, which I strongly suspect was one of the factors that appealed to Bobby's intellect.

I had some personal problems, and I started listening to a lot of radio ministers. I listened every Sunday all day, flipping the dial up and back. So, I heard just about every guy on Sunday. And then I heard Mr. Armstrong, and I said, “Ah, God has finally shown me the one, I guess. This guy really has power. authority. He doesn't talk like the other guys. He really knows his stuff!
— Bobby Fischer, “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!” 1977

Herbert W. Armstrong emphatically forbid cult members to participate in politics. So “Nationalism” or “politicized racism,” was forbidden. Not only that, the name of the Church was “Worldwide Church of God” which was inclusive of all races, worldwide. So the media journalists who spread their falsehoods about the WCG, and the doctrines Bobby grew up under, simply demonstate to their readers how ignorant they are and not to be trusted for any measure of ethical journalism, and especially not history!

Armstrong was not only Pro-Jewish, but was a financial contributor to projects in Israel. (See the NY Times article reposted on this page where the WCG administration emphatically “Disowns Fischer” for his anti-Jewish views which have developed into an outspokenness by 1992).

Those dissidents, who spread misinformation about the Church's doctrines do a dis-service not only to the cult victims, who were never taught to be “antisemitic” in Armstrong's doctrines, and upon leaving the cult, instead of empathy and compassion are greeted with presumptious hostility, accused of being “Jew haters” under Armstrong. Which is a fantastic absurd LIE!
Those dissidents, [some WCG dissidents, not all are guilty] have spread misinformation which has inevitably lead to distortions in press surrounding Bobby Fischer. Their lies, make it nearly impossible to recreate an accurate portrayal of Bobby's true character during his youth (from 1962 to mid 1970's).

The Worldwide Church of God … cult, and that question, of “whether or not” Armstrong was indeed a cult has already been confirmed on the “About Us” section, by current administration of the reformed WCG home page, now called “Grace Communion International”. Indeed, it was a cult.

Unorthodox doctrines
“…As Herbert Armstrong criticized traditional Christianity, he also attracted criticism. Many people considered him to be the leader of a heretical cult. Today, the leaders of this denomination reject Armstrong's doctrinal errors. We acknowledge that our errors were deep and serious…”

I hope so, August.

I have covered that issue along with many others following the 1972 World Chess Championship, in full:

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A Brief Synopsis

Bobby Fischer was in the same cult (1962-1974) that I grew up in from 1973 until 1991, and like Bobby, due to the horrific prophetic terror doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong of an imminent “Nazi-Fascist invasion” in 1972, …, 1975, 1979, 1981, 1984 (every time Armstrong's prophecies failed, they pushed the Dooms dates forward, to continue raking in tithes through panic and fearmongering). This prophecy of Nazis and their extermination camps coming for us was instilled as a deeply dreaded fear of being arrested and placed in a Nazi death camp and for myself and Bobby, a desire to research and confront these prophetic invading killers.

In 1972, the cult was suppose to flee “to the place of safety.” before the imminent invasion of a resurrected Holy Roman Nazi-Unified Facist Empire with the Pope as “AntiChrist” Of course, those prophecies were false, so Bobby began researching to learn if or when they'd actually invade. He confided in 1977:

“But I was really upset in 1972 when Herbert Armstrong refused to apologize. He could have just apologized and said, ‘I became overly enthusiastic. I wanted Christ to return so badly. Everything seemed to fit. Please excuse me. I won't do that again.’
I thought, ‘This doesn't seem right. I gave all my money. Everybody has been telling me this [1972 would be the date the WCG would flee to a place of safety] for years. And now, he's half-denying he ever said it when I remember him saying it a hundred times. And then on top of it, he won't even apologize for saying it.’ When you put it all together, it's hard to accept his sincerity. That's the problem.”
—Bobby Fischer, 1977 “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”

According to the NY Times, Bobby was reported in 1973 as withdrawing into a “contrarian isolation” he retained the rest of his life, “replaying chess games and reading Nazi literature.” It was Armstrong's prophecy of Doom that terrified him to that extreme.

Jan Hein Donner LIED. Bobby was no “rabid antisemite” in 1961. Bobby was a good person who was trying to please and serve God when he joined Armstrongʼs cult in 1962.

A Progressive Timeline

  • 1962 … Bobby Fischer joins the Worldwide Church of God.
  • 1950's-1960's Bobby Fischer himself speaks in 2005 (video) interview of his mother and the harassment by government agents during this traumatic & tumultuous period in his life.
    Regina Fischer was suspected by the bureau of being a spy for the Soviets. Because of a lack of evidence, the FBI closed its file on her in the 1970s, according to the reporters.
    Consultation with a psychologist confirms it was not good judgment on behalf of Regina to tell Bobby (who was around 11 years of age) about “FBI agents”. Rather, he should have been told nothing, a child should have been told, “If any strangers approach you… tell them you have nothing to say.” Too much detailed information can be detrimental to a child's perception of authority figures and thier sense of security.
  • 1971 and years prior… Bobby is a much loved Chess Champion and worldwide celebrity and dedicated coworker, body and soul to the Worldwide Church of God.
  • 1972 … “The Great Tribulation” is suppose to occur, according to Herbert W. Armstrong's failed prophecy, the NAZIS will invade Great Britain and the United States.
  • 1973New York Times timeline states Bobby was living near the WWCG headquarters in Pasadena, CA and reported as “reading Nazi literature”.
  • 1974 … Reportedly, Bobby has given his last tithes to the cult.
  • 1975 … Jesus was prophesied to return in 1975. Bobby has dropped out of professional chess during this “1972-1975 prophetic timeline”.
  • 1976
  • 1977“Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!” is reported in the Ambassador Report with criticism of Armstrong's failed prophecy. Bobby has left the cult and expressing deep grievances over Armstrong's doctrines inflicting a devastating toll on the mental state of believers.
  • 1978 … DOUBLE-CROSSED by both the ex-WCG dissidents and now, twice the Armstrong cult. Bobby Fischer is still living among cult members in Pasadena. Mounting pressure and intimidation by cult officials on Bobby to sue publishers of Ambassador Report in a $3.2 million lawsuit, (New York Times: Bobby Fischer Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Church Dissidents (April 13, 1978), initiated with a WCG-retained attorney backing Bobby. Bobby Fischer is accused by one of the cult dissidents of “assault”. Though the charge is fully dismissed, Bobby is ordered to pay financial restitution to his accuser. The WWCG cult headquarters bail out of the court case altogether, withdrawing their attorney, leaving Bobby holding the bag and made out to be the “bad guy” in the media spotlight. The dissidents walk away financially enriched, whilst Armstrong's cult weathers the legal storm unscathed. Bobby's original intent was to “protect prople” but Bobby was the one who needed protection from becoming a pawn in the ongoing power struggle between the ex-Cult dissidents and Pasadena headquarters. Additional information (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • 1979Bobby writes Pal Benko with an extremely anti-Jewish filled letter, but expresses strong dislike of Hitler… and has for the first time in his life, purchased “Mein Kampf.”
  • 1980 … *
  • 1981
  • 1982 … Bobby was walking on the streets of Pasadena, and **singled out by police on the premise of mistaken identity and locked in the Pasadena, California jail and described being ***tortured. “I was tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!” by Bobby Fischer
  • 1992 … Bobby is threatened by the U.S. Government for “violating an executive order issued by President Bush in June that restricted commercial relations with what remains of Yugoslavia”. Federal officials issued a warrant for his arrest. The indictment came as Mr. Fischer appeared ready to resume a more active playing schedule. International law scholars expressed surprise that, of all the possible violations of the economic embargo by arms salesmen and other commercial ventures, the Administration had chosen to go after a former chess champion. Bobby faced the choice of living in exile or returning to the United States for a trial that could result in up to 10 years in prison and a fine as high as $250,000. (See New York Times, “Fischer is Indicted Over Chess Match”)
    • In an open letter to the NY Times, September 2, 1992 Worldwide Church of God renounces all association with Bobby Fischer: “Mr. Fischer's comments in no way reflect the beliefs or teachings of the church, and the church objects to any possible association with anti-Semitism. The Worldwide Church of God condemns racism in any and all forms.” (Trust me, Bobby Fischer lost no sleep over this divorce from the devil and it's doctrines.)
  • 2004 … “The only person in the world to have been indicted for a violation of this regulation – a regulation that has long since ceased to be in force, and a violation committed in a country that no longer exists – is Robert James Fischer. This case is an example of a barbarous violation of human rights.” (See Chessbase, “Bobby Fischer – six months in jail”)

** U.S. Government is known to snoop in private citizens' postal deliveries. There's no doubt in my mind that eyebrows were raised over the radical rightwing literature arriving at Bobby's mailing address since the 1970's.
*** Bobby exhibited symptoms of post traumatic stress, post-Armstrongism. PTSD does not make a person aggressive by default. However, it was following the traumatizing 1982 false arrest by Pasadena, California police and their dehumanizing barbarous treatment of him, that Bobby's personality changed from being “likable and friendly” to becoming public with an AGGRESSIVE hostility people were not prepared for.
* following the 1980's … Bobby moves toward expressing public vitriol toward Jews but had not done so prior to the late 1970's.

I too began researching Nazi literature, to understand “Why” Nazis would want to kill anyone just due to the day they observe the sabbath on. Bobby had some of the same questions as I did, back in 1973 and was sadly looped in to the second, political cult due to the deceptive nature of the literature. I cover that issue too, in depth, the methods Nazis use to deceive and indoctrinate people using lies about history. Both myself and Bobby were programmed in the cult mindset through Armstrong's cult, long before becoming exposed to the political cult of Nazi/Far Right ideology. Bobby was a cult member for 15 years under Armstrongism, and myself for 18, so falling headlong into a second cult, was “natural”. (Not really… I knew nothing but mind-control and intimidation. Bobby referred to his experience as an onslaught of “Fear, Panic, Guilt” in 1977.) When exposed to far right literature, it was easy to become swept up in it. Armstrong had a prophesied “Nazi Fascist Antichrist Holy Roman Empire of Revelations” and the Nazis had their “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy”.

Here is an attached sample of the kind of lies which Nazis peddle to deceive. They claim Jews were controlling the USSR, but in fact, the Atheist Bolshevik regime actively closed down synagogues and sought to eradicate the Jewish religion along with Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Hindus, etc … all world religions.

At first I didn't trust the Nazis, but they send literature making themselves out to be the “victims” which were maligned unfairly by the “criminal Jews”, and of course, they're conflating Zionists (political atheist zionist philosophy) with religious Jews. The belief or lack of belief in God makes a whole lot of difference in how one defines what “being Jewish” even means…


Nazis didn't bother to make Bobby Fischer privy to this information in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's…

The Atheist “Jews” (a mere 10% of the Bolshevik party membership in 1907) were not religious in any manner. The Nazis withhold this information of course. They also don't tell about Communists like Emma Goldman (former Jew, non-bolshevik “Communist” Atheist) who was abhorred and vocally opposed the Bolshevik overthrow in Russia.

“…In no country did Emma Goldman feel more estranged than in her native Russia. She was shocked by the ruthless authoritarianism of the Bolshevik regime, its severe repression of anarchists, and its disregard for individual freedom.
Source: “Emma Goldman in Exile”
Emma Goldman (a former Jew and Atheist) had this to say about Bolshevism:

To the average man, to the masses in Russia, the different rations established in the country for the liberation of which they had bled, was the symbol of the new regime. It signified to them the great lie of Bolshevism, the broken promises of freedom, for freedom meant to them social justice, economic equality. The instinct of the masses seldom goes wrong; in this case it proved prophetic. What wonder, then, that the universal enthusiasm over the Revolution soon turned into disillusionment and bitterness, to opposition and hatred. How often Russian workers complained to me: ‘We donʼt mind working hard and going hungry. Itʼs the injustice which we mind. If the country is poor, if there is little bread, then let us all share that little, but let us share equally. As things are now, itʼs the same as it used to be; some get more, others less, and some get nothing at all.’”

The Socialist revolution was initially set against Imperial forces (religious and political) that were crushing the peasantry under foot in the nineteenth century. I do not agree with the communist's violent approach to social reform but they were paralleled by former Christians, former Catholics along with persons of other diverse religious backgrounds who were recruited in the worldwide socialist and anarchist/communist revolution. Some misleadingly have “blamed the jews” for everything. A random example of a “Non-Jewish” anarchist: Rudolf Rocker and there are many more. Marxist-Leninism (Bolshevism) demands Atheism and rejection of spiritual belief, including Judaism.

Nor do the Nazis tell their readers about Fanya Kaplan, an ex-Jew who was a Communist who tried to assassinate Lenin, the founder of the Bolsheviks. The reason? Fanya's explanation before her execution was that Lenin was a “traitor to the Socialist Revolution”.

Nazis didn't share those other bits of history with me and Bobby back in the 1980's and 1990's. According to the lies of Nazis, the whole enchilada is a “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy” which supposedly both Fanya Kaplan and Emma Goldman are accused by Nazis as co-consipirators! … when history emphatically demonstrates they and many others, both secular(Atheist) and Religious Jews — opposed Bolshevism. Actual history from University sources and Academia tell an entirely different story than the version provided by Nazis!

For instance, this guy:

Jewish League Denounces Pacifist Crowd as Traitors
Rabbi Wise From Pulpit Lashes American Bolsheviki
NY Herald, 04 Mar 1918

A false version which they tie to very real persecution of Palestinians under Zionist occupation. (Needless to add, a century ago, when Theodore Herzl, authored the Zionist philosophy, he was an Atheist. All leading Zionists were Atheists. Today, Anti-Zionist Jews, which actually do believe in the existence of God, are vocally opposed to Zionism and the state of Israel.)

Nazis claimed “Jews” financed Bolshevism.

In fact, German (National) Socialism and WWI German Kaiser financed Bolshevism.

This lie caused Bobby Fischer so much personal misery. I hope Nazis reap what they've sewn.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri) 16 Sep 1918, Mon • Page 14

1918 publication date.

German-Bolshevik Conspiracy.
Original documents that passed between German Officials and their Bolshevik Spies Lenin, Trotsky, et al whose sole intent was to bring chaos in Russia to oust her from the war effort and steal Russian trade for German benefit.

Bolshevik Movement Financed By German Imperial Bank
The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, Monday, September 16, 1918 - Page 3

Nazis have spent a century weaving complex theories and speculative webs about Bolsheviks and the relationship with “Jewish bankers.” I found such a Jew, who was the head honcho at the Reichsbank. But his motivation is not what Nazis have alleged.

Evening Star, Washington, DC, December 27, 1918
Head of Reichsbank Resigns


In contrast to the false claims by Nazi apologists, Havenstein was a staunch supporter of Pan-Germanism, in other words, ultra-patriotic to Germany. Overly much.

Pan Germanic Jews?

“Patriotic fever
The Jews saw the war as a chance to prove to themselves, to those around them and to the emperor their absolute loyalty: more German than the Germans. Moving nationalist sermons were given in the synagogues.”

After Germany lost WWI, resentment began spreading and Jews were made into the scapegoat as the cause of the lost war. Wild theories spawned which alleviated Germany as a nation of any guilt, such theories, persist till this day. But the reasons for Havenstein's financing the Bolsheviks (above) are documented in 1918 press release, Pan-Germanic sentiments. Further elaboration can be found from a report in the September 23, 1919 Baltimore Sun. A reporter travels to Poland to investigate with an open-mind, the growing friction between Bolsheviks, Germans and Jews and who is to blame for what. Her findings are surprising.

Video Documentaries on the Bolshevik Revolution

15:40 “…Trotsky returns from his exile in NY. On the street in Zurich, Switzerland the master planner has waited his chance to join the others. Vladimir Lenin.. (6:14/23:33) Russia's enemy, Germany, has been giving him money and support through go-betweens.”

26:45 “…German officials could see that getting Lenin back to Russia to stir up conflict could help them defeat Russia in the war. They paid for a train to take Lenin & his followers through Germany & into Russia. The train arrived in Petrograd a month…”

30:19/1:33:54 “We have papers to prove that Lenin is being financed by the Germans.” Lenin is branded a German spy and a traitor to his homeland. Orders issued for his arrest. Lenin himself, immediately goes into hiding…”

Germany helps assist Lenin's Overthrow of Tsar during WWI

Germans (WWI) Helped Lenin to Seize Power in Russia

An archive of documents about German financing of Soviet Communism, or “Bolshevism”

Nazis are liars and I resent how they deceived both myself and Bobby Fischer with their lies about history. The Nazis sent literature showing the “crimes of Jews”. Everything is intended to demonize the Jewish religion and its people. Out of the pot into the frying pan. Like Bobby Fischer, I too spent years, locked into their political dogma, never questioning nor any measurable skepticism, and was not until 1998, following that man's trial and conviction and imprisonment, until I saw reason to abandon the rightwing cult ideology, just as I and Bobby had abandoned Armstrong's cult many years before that. I did not know about Bobby at that time. If I had, I would've probably tried to reach out to him. Although at that time, I was just as indoctrinated as he was, and lost in a sea of dismal cult ideology and misinformation.

This terror by phone, mail, cassettes… went on around the clock between July 1995-March 1996 (over six months) until they finally arrested him. A constant barrage of terror and death threats. I handed his psychotic letters and packages over to the SBI, FBI and Postal Inspectors. He did not give me a choice. People on the far right agreed I did the right thing. He was even making threats to kill some of their own people… instead he murdered and raped two unarmed, defenseless women and, shot an unarmed man in the back (unarmed and running from him), (his own former friend who went to police, after Thomas threatened him with a gas pistol, to my knowledge, unprovoked, and not any justifiable reason for it. Yet he blamed that man for all his troubles, and then took his life.) What I was regrettably forced to be part of, has haunted me since the time it happened.

In 2017, when I began searching for answers of the parallels between mine and Bobby's life, after seeing the way he is being mercilessly slandered in the press or statements such as,

“…‘His road to chess supremacy is inspirational, his games are remarkable, but what went wrong, is a mystery…’”

It is not a mystery. Bobby Fischer was not so strange. Bobby was no aberration. What became of Bobby happened to others in the cult. I had to do something to put a stop to his legacy being destroyed by the widespread ignorance, superstition and malicious slander.

Back in 1991-1998…

I ended up marrying somebody on the far right.

That man went off the deepend and began killing people and terrorized me and my family for around 9 months before the police arrested him. This is a picture from back then while getting interrogated by media. They were not very kind, and didn't seem to care that I was on the verge of suicide. I had done everything in my power over the past months to inquire and pressure police to arrest that man, but they wouldn't lift a finger, oddly. He killed 3 people while they waited and allowed him to roam.

A newspaper article 1996 on the fiasco.

Getting Interrogated 1995-1996

The sunglasses weren't on my face to “look cool”. I cried until my eyes were swollen red. Innocent people were killed by that monster in the extreme right. I had at least 2 nervous breakdowns over a 6 month period, even tried to overdose to kill myself during the interviews and interrogation with police in Germany (an overdose which I hid from everyone swarming me as if any of them could've possibly cared about my state of mind). I was detained at the airport hospital and they still didn't know I'd swallowed a bottle of pills the night before. I was dead inside. After all that Armstrong did by drilling his sick “Nazi obsession” into our skulls for nearly 2 decades, I WAS DEAD. Armstrong destroyed my life and my sanity. Armstrong introduced me and Bobby to the temptation to seek out Nazi publications and “prove to ourselves” whether or not Armstrong's prophecies bear truth. Terrorized us for over a decade. Every attack on Bobby Fischer is a personal attack on me. I was doing the same thing Bobby did. But I got out, and continued searching for the truth. I'd taken Bobby with me if I could've. He's my church brother so anyone who continues to slander a man who can't defend himself and was incapacitated by Armstrong's brainwashing poison doctrines crucifies me as well.. along with the others who are still out there, afraid to ask for help or talk about it because of fear, shame and because of the way people have attacked, slandered and hated Bobby for things he could NOT see his way out of. Never once did all his critics try to help him. No, they slandered and did their best to kick a man when he's down. Knowing he had some thing wrong with him..all those vicious dehumanizing slanders against Bobby, hurled by people who are no better than the things they accuse Bobby of and bear the trademark of cowardice. Armstrong traumatized Bobby Fischer into the brink of insanity. I'm standing by Bobby. I'll stand by any one else that's still out there, who's living in fear, shame, guilt, grief about the misguided path that was going nowhere fast that Armstrong put them on. I GET IT. I GET BOBBY FISCHER. I get why some would be afraid to seek help or support. Living in terror almost their entire life.

In 2017, after learning that Bobby Fischer was mislead into the Far Right (following 15 YEARS in Armstrong's cult), the same way that I was, because of Armstrong's cult terror constantly terrorizing me and Bobby about “Nazis are going to Invade!” “They will bring the gas chambers” “Be good or else!” “Obey Armstrong's every command, and tithe generously. God is watching.” I had to grow up having nightmares of Hitler ordering my execution, so I died in my dreams, other times my life in peril. Waking life wasn't any better. Sitting in school, I questioned when I returned home, if the family would have vanished, taken away to “the place of safety”, and like Bobby Fischer, neither of us were baptized. The WCG/Armstrong had a very meticulous legalistic protocol one must go through, to be approved for baptism, but above all, children were not baptized, and only baptized, or “fully converted” were deemed worthy of escape. I knew that terror for 18 years of my life. Bobby Fischer was on the Autism Spectrum and Asperger's Syndrome, unbaptized as well, emotionally and mentally he was childlike according to all those who knew him, and so, he would've taken those terror prophecies deep to heart, just as the children of the cult did.

I want people to be aware, because the cult has splintered into hundreds of splinter cults, and it is still out there indoctrinating another generation of victims with ghoulish and sordid horrors of “nazis invading” in the future, based on “biblical prophecy” and what they will do to those who are brainwashed to believe they are Jewish cousins, the “Hebrew tribe of Manasseh”.

(Bobby and I were taught we were, not Jews, but one of the 10 lost tribes… (i.e., Simeon, Gad, Issachar, Reuben, etc, the Jews are of the “House of Judah” or Hebrew tribe “Judah”) — cousins of Jews, of the Hebrew tribes Manasseh and Ephraim, of ancient Israel vs. the southern Kingdom of Judah. (The Isrealite or Hebrew people were a divided monarchy split between the Northern Kingdom of Israel (capitol at Samaria) and Kingdom of Judah (capitol of Jerusalem). The media sources I've came across tend to be completely ignorant of Armstrong's doctrines and falsely assume that somehow Armstrong's cult was involved in some way with “Pro Nationalist” political sentiments. On the contrary, voting was forbidden, politics were forbidden, Armstrong's cult was staunchly Pro-Israel and Pro-Jewish. So, the media has got it wrong. They didn't even bother to do proper research before publishing a thousand articles on the subject, repeating and rehashing their own misinformation when discussing Bobby Fischer's past religion. My long testimony covers those doctrines in full, including scholarly sources which further elaborate for a comprehensive understanding of what Bobby believed..

I lived in silence since 1996, not discussing that nightmare period of my life… not ever fully understanding “why” my life got so misdirected… and not discussing it because I was the only person who ever did something that “extreme” and “overt” and thinking at the time, I was doing the right thing, after all, Nazis had shown me literature which “proved” the Jews were responsible for crimes against innocent people in the USSR… THE NAZIS ARE LIARS.
Those victims who were killed by the man I married, haunt me every day of my life, and I had never found any kind of measure of peace, until the day I learned Bobby Fischer did the same thing… got lead astray by the lies. It was heartbreaking, but for the first time, I knew I wasn't the only person that was brainwashed and ended up taking that tragic turn.

I abandoned the far-right in 1998, and continued to study theology, history and science to get some kind of grasp on where I had been and the tragic things that had happened in my life. It was not until 2017 that I became aware of how Bobby spent a whopping FIFTEEN YEARS in the Armstrong cult, just as I did, then in addition, we collectively spent time in the far right reading the same literature, following the same parallel political paths. Tragically, I missed him by 9 years (he died in 2008), in which we could've compared notes on our mirrored life… gaining some understanding of the mind-screwing manipulation and control that was done to us under the influence of Armstrong's mind-wrecking cult.

I am sharing my story so that others can gain insight into Bobby's “strange direction”. We were brainwashed by cult indoctrination, twice.

I have covered an extensive amount of material demonstrating the widespread lies and misinformation in the press, and certain unsavory “chess historians” who have deliberately and maliciously portrayed Bobby Fischer as an “anti-semite” in his youth when, compared to actual history, (which is completely absurd, except to those who either willful liars, credulous or are too ignorant about such things as WWII and) the well-established Soviet attitude toward Hitler — according to valid historians, the Soviets regarded Bobby Fischer like an “adopted son of the Soviet Chess school”. They would NOT have viewed a so-called, so-accused “Hitler Worshiper” with any favoritism! That's because Bobby was NOT a “Hitler Worshiper” as some slanderers in the Chess Establishment falsely accused to peddle a book filled with sensationalist cliche and hype.

Any chess historian who proposes otherwise about Bobby or Soviet History is a liar. Bobby Fischer is my church brother, and over the past months I have acquainted extended friends of Bobby worldwide and it has been a pleasure. Bobby Fischer still has friends and adopted family in Chess community and former members of the WCG who relate to his plight, and want to see his legacy preserved. The slanderers of Bobby Fischer will not be allowed to continue lying and defrauding the public without being called to account for it! I have dedicated recent months to reviewing historical literature and am currently exposing those frauds, one individual liar at a time and do not believe I will stop until my church brother, Bobby Fischer is fully vindicated and the public at large understands what really happened to him. Bobby was a cult victim, twice.

Bobby Fischer was not “antisemitic” in the 1962-1974 Worldwide Church of God!

Occasionally, I run on a comment that is a true reflection of where I and Bobby Fischer were coming from in the 1990's and 2000's. This was one of those, I found on Twitter.

Bobby was not a racist bigot. After the mid 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, while reading far right literature which seeks to tie Jews to everything (right or wrong) evil happening in the world, he saw the very real, not imagined Apartheid and killing of unarmed Palestinians.

Highly Recommended Resources on the Palestinian-Zionist Conflict (Palestinian Side). I do not follow extremist, anti-Jewish/anti-Judaism sources.

Bobby Fischer wasn't insane-“delusional”, “imagining” Zionist terror activity and had good reason to be afraid when he spoke against their crimes against humanity.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday, April 08, 1986

Zionism and Terrorism
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, (St. Louis, Missouri), 08 Apr 1986, Page 11

Women, by their nature, are not exceptional chess players: they are not great fighters.
— Garry Kasparov

U.S. demands investigation how American student was blinded during West Bank protest.

The Chess Establishment is rife with people who support Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and racism. Their silence is an act of condoning, and for that cause anything Bobby Fischer may have said or done is vindicated by the actions of Garry Kasparov and Susan Polgar, et al.

A friend of Bobby Fischer and one of his fellow Grandmasters sent me this!
Truthful words by a Good man in remembrance of a Great and a Genius.

One interesting example of such a liar is given here and Bisguer is just one example, of several liars:

“…Bisguier said he began to distance himself from Fischer when he witnessed the early signs of paranoia…” (Bisguer's lie found on
Oh! Paranoia, huh, that officials miscounted the score, and took away Bisguer's First Place… and gave it to that “Spoiled Brat Bobby”. *sucks thumb*

The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) August 17, 1957

U.S. Chess Title Won By Brooklyn Boy, 14

CLEVELAND, August 17 (AP)— When tournament directors last night declared defending champion Arthur B. Bisguer, 26, of New York the winner of the U.S. CHess Federation's Open Tournament, 14-year-old Bobby Fischer protested that there had been a mistake in the scoring.
Tournament officials spent an hour checking the complicated chess scoring system and then discovered they had awarded Bisguier too many points. They reversed their decision and declared Fischer the new open champion. He is the youngest player ever to win the tournament.
Fischer and Bisguer, who was dropped into second place, split the top prize of $1,500 under tournament rules.
Some 176 chess players from the United States, Canada and Mexico took part in the 12-day tournament.

Cheating by Soviets

… and another liar. There's no shortage of lies to refute.

See Bobby Fischer (III): L'enfant terrible, Translated from E. J. Rodríguez

Another liar, calling its name nothing more than “Batgirl” and ended up quoted on actual Chess sites, as “history” although the date provided by this liar is 1966, and is ahistorical because it incidentally puts Bobby in the middle of his cult attendance (1962-1970's) and does not mesh with the rigid regulations & the strict compliance with good public behavior demanded of cult members, else face excommunication from Pasadena. The quote attributed to Bobby is absurd as it is stupid. Bobby and Lisa Lane were friends.

Armstrong's cult gave new meaning to “walking the straight and narrow”.

One thing not issued in the permissible regulations and mind-control was bad-mouthing female chess players with vulgar obscenities.

“…And here I was in the sixties reading this stuff sincerely and believing it … if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient…The pressure he puts on you! You can't do this, you can't do that, you can't tell your friends this, you can't see unconverted people, you can't eat this, you can't eat that, on the sabbath you have to rest, you have to listen to the radio program every day, you have to study the correspondence course… and then you're supposed to pray…”
- Bobby Fischer, 1977

Full thread on this ahistorical “1966” FAKE quote, where Bobby Fischer is accused of calling Lisa Lane a “Fish” and referring to other women as “Fish”

The author of the stupid fake quote, “Batgirl” is stupid, but not as foolish as those who quote it as “history”.

Judge a man by his actions…

If Bobby really believed women should be *excluded* from chess like Ralph Ginzburg LIED & projected on Bobby (yeah, Barry Goldwater sued that liar and WON!) — but if any of those libel claims were true… Then judging BY ACTION *WHY* was Bobby Fischer playing Chess with Lisa Lane?

Also, here's a photograph of Bobby participating with black chess players, although it is in a prison.
All the same it tells me Bobby did not have racist tendencies and was open to involving ALL races and genders in the sport of Chess.

“…In 1960 Bobby Fischer gave a simultaneous exhibition at Rikers Island prison. He defeated all 20 prisoners while 2,400 inmates watched the exhibition and the prison band played

You know the heart and mind of a man by his actions…

Over the past months, I have worked on several web spaces and shared notes, documentation, observations.

However, I have zero tolerance for any insults or attacks or slander of my church brother. People who respect Bobby Fischer, have had enough of the ignorance and ridicule of things far beyond the understanding of critics eager and quick to ridicule, spouting off about things they do not know enough about (such as the DSM for starters), to qualify themselves to speak about whether or not Bobby was “mentally ill”! I have consulted with a licensed psychologist, based upon Bobby's written testimonies from 1977 (Bobby Fischer Speaks out on Herbert W. Armstrong's Cult) and 1982 “I Was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!” (Police Brutality). The Psychologist concluded he had a condition associated with real, not imagined trauma. “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and was born with Asperger's Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum disorder that is often MISTAKEN FOR other conditions such as “paranoia” and “OCD” by people due to IGNORANCE.

“I Was Tortured Under Herbert W. Armstrong's wicked cult and my Wallet Picked Clean and Bank Account Wiped Out!”
aka, “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”

“I Was Tortured In The Pasadena Jailhouse!” ©1982 by Bobby Fischer

“…‘Enduring personality changes after catastrophic experience’ (F62.0), the concept corresponding to ‘Disorders of extreme distress not otherwise specified/complex PTSD’ (see definition, which may develop after extreme prolonged or repeated trauma, such as repeated childhood sexual abuse or prolonged captivity involving torture.”

Their lack of consultation with a professional who is specifically trained in that field (Autism is NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS! Autism is classed among IDD's or a “Pervasive Developmental Disorder” which can affect SOCIAL COGNITION), or, simply people are misdiagnosed due to widespread ignorance in recognition of symptoms. It is my hope that after people read mine and Bobby's story, they are better informed on the recognition of how Autism symptoms affect behavior and what Autism is.

More from E.J. Rodriguez on the true factual history of Bobby Fischer up to the World Chess Championship!